“When my father had Alzheimer’s, I read every book I could find. I wish Into the Storm had been available. The two dozen personal stories are sometimes painful, sometimes joyful—but always helpful. You’ll learn that you’re not alone and, as unbelievable as it might sound, that there can be gifts through the pain. A powerful and moving book.”

– JOANNE SILBERNER, Former NPR national health correspondent

“As this collection so richly documents, when a parent or life-partner is afflicted with Alzheimer’s, the full panoply of negative thoughts can afflict us – from a sense of unfairness of the fates, to a feeling of being alone; to a profound experience of loss – and on…and on. Leo Tolstoy once famously wrote that each family’s troubles are its own – but to absorb the messages in this volume is to understand that Tolstoy’s opening lines of Anna Karenina are only partly true – that instead the common threat that builds and sustains our humanity comes from actively engaging the support of others. And that comes if and when we seek it.”

– TROY DUSTER, Chancellor’s Professor, Earl Warren Institute on Law and Social Policy, University of California, Berkeley

“Those of us who have lived through the Alzheimer’s journey with a loved one know how uncertain and all-consuming it can be. The personal stories generously shared by others were the saving grace for our family as we supported my father on his own journey. This amazing collection is a gift to anyone caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, or for those interested in enriching and deepening their understanding of this disease.”

– DEBORAH SWETS, Vice President of Membership, Washington State Hospital Association

“For the increasing number of families experiencing Alzheimer’s disease, these stories are a gift. Olivia Ames Hoblitzelle writes about the ‘grace of diminishment,’ adding her voice to these other courageous authors who offer hope that we can live lovingly through the diminishment. Into the Storm is an essential book. ”

– GERRI HAYNES, Past President, Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility and former Director of Palliative Nursing, Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, Kirkland, Washington

“In the aftermath of his wife’s devastating loss of memory, a struggle that ended with her death to Alzheimer’s in 2011, Collin Tong’s book reflects the importance of hearing the stories of other caregivers. Finding common ground in their struggles, Into the Storm wonderfully narrates how each summoned the courage to weather the impact of this frightening disease, thereby advancing our understanding of the caregiving process.”

– ROBERT C. JOHNSON, Graduate School and Research, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC

“Albert Schweitzer spoke about ‘the fellowship of those who bear the mark of pain.’ Swept into this fellowship are persons with Alzheimer’s disease, and also their caregivers. The enormous investment of care required of all who support and serve their stricken loved ones is described in these pages, beginning with Collin Tong’s own story. Remarkable testimonies to the human spirit are evident, proving that pain is not the final word after all.”

– DR. JOHN H. TOWNSEND, Minister Emeritus, The First Baptist Church of Los Angeles

“Collin Tong has deftly accomplished what few do well—integrate his own personal experience with the stories of others who have struggled, and back that up with solid research—to present a cohesive and compassionate guide to caregiving for those struggling with Alzheimer’s. This is a resource that will offer solace and strength to those who find themselves in the crucible of one of life’s most difficult challenges—caring for a loved one who slips away in the long night of dementia. Collin gently offers guidance and hope as one who has walked that path.”

– THE VERY REV. DR. STEVEN L. THOMASON, Dean and Rector, Saint Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral, Seattle, Washington

Into the Storm reflects Collin Tong’s journey as a caregiver and his dedication to connecting people in order to create an everlasting ‘community of care’ for those with Alzheimer’s disease—and those who love someone living with it. Like the care experienced in a support group, Into the Storm powerfully depicts the lived experiences of caregivers and will be invaluable for families on that journey.

– PATRICIA HUNTER, MSW, Washington State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

“Wisdom resides in these stories, first-hand experiences that illuminate the path, helping the reader to calibrate and recalibrate, catch one’s breath, and remember the vital importance of self-compassion. Kudos to Collin Tong and his extraordinary collaborators for the wealth of authentic guidance, road maps, and rest stops along this journey, conveyed in Into the Storm.”

– ROGER ROFFMAN, Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of Washington

“We go into the storm, but not alone. With this book you will find new companions for the journey. Because we live out of stories, this work provides rich resources, not only for sustaining us but also to open us to the gift of new life in the face of loss.”

– REV. DR. ROBERT B. WALLACE, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Claremont, Claremont, California